Dive Rates  & Day Trips

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MSDA Form (mandatory; valid 2 months): 200 MUR (more about it...)

Dive Rates includes: Tank and weights and guidance

Recreational Dive Rates (per dive)


Our equipment Own equipment
1 dive :   1,995.oo Mur
1,600.oo Mur
6 dives 1,895.oo Mur 1,520.oo Mur
10 dives: 1,800.oo Mur 1,440.oo Mur  

Dive Groups:

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Refresher dive 
2,100.oo Mur
1,800.oo Mur
Night dives   2,800.oo Mur 2,400.oo Mur


Introductory dive     2,800.oo Mur 

Dive Safari to Northern Islands - Include:

  • 2 tank dive (Tanks & weight provided)
  • Soft drinks and bottled water,
  • Light cold lunch and cakes,
  • Fruits
Coin de mire Island :   
4,900.oo Mur
Pigeon Rock (Flat Island):   
5,000.oo Mur
Snake Island (Shark Basin):  
5,500.oo Mur
Humpback Whale Watching
6,000.oo Mur
Sperm Whale Watching:  
6,000.oo Mur



Equipment Rental

price per dive

Full Basic equipment** 400.oo Mur
Stabilizing Jacket (Aqualung) : 150.oo Mur
Wetsuit (Aqualung):  150.oo Mur
Mask, Snorkel & fins : 150.oo Mur
Extra costs for 15 Litre tank   50.oo Mur
Diving computer (par day): 300.oo Mur
Diving lamp + Batteries 350.oo Mur
Action Camera video (Gopro/ similar)  300.oo Mur

Remplacement in case of loss of equipment


Lead weights (per Kilogram)   260.oo Mur
Belt (excuding weights)      400.oo Mur

In case of lost or damage of any other piece

ofequipment, the replacement price shall  be

according to the market price of the damaged

or lost equipment.


Rental reserved to BWDC guests only and during our diving trips. No rental outside the dive centre.

For conversion at daily rates, please use the following link: Conversion Euro - MUR

Credit card Payment authorized with following cards:

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